Flip This: Craft Room Desk

Boy, oh boy, am I excited to share my latest project!  This past weekend my mom and grandparents made the trek to Fayetteville for a visit and to bring my old-school metal desk in grandpa’s SUV. I had big plans for this dated desk and its companion chair and was just itching to get my hands on it.  Here’s a shot of what I mean by dated…


I never thought I’d want that desk-chair pair back when I left it at home after high school, but after pondering the wonders of spray paint, I figured they deserved a second chance.  My project this weekend, then, was to tackle the desk first and see what I could make of it.


I love the combination of white and wood in furniture, so I figured high gloss white Rustoleum would do the trick for the base of the desk and I’d leave the top natural.  First step was to tape paper over the desk top and rough up the metal with sandpaper.


I did all the spray painting outside on a tarp and made sure to take off the drawer handles so only what I wanted white ended up white!  Here’s a shot of how the desk and drawers looked after 3 coats of paint – that’s 2 cans of Rustoleum and some very sore index fingers.


After letting it dry overnight, I re-attached the handles and took the paper off the desk top and ended up with something a little bit like this!


I couldn’t be happier with how the desk turned out.  Best of all, it’s long enough to spread out all kinds of craftiness on top and shallow enough not to crowd out the guest bed.  This is where the crafty magic happens, people!


The best part of this whole “flip” was the price.  One free desk + two $3 cans of Rustoleum + one $2 pack of screws to replace the ones I lost = A whole new desk for about $10!

Thanks so much to grandma, grandpa, and mom for coming to visit and helping me get the craft room on its way!  Stay tuned for my upcoming desk chair flip, including a re-upholstering tutorial…

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