Favorite Finds in Grandma’s Basement

Stephen and I spent the weekend helping my Grandma finish moving out of her home in Arkansas. It was a good weekend overall, but bittersweet because getting to spend so much time with her this weekend meant we’ll be seeing much less of her once she’s moved to Iowa.

We mostly moved furniture and already-packed boxes, but we also made a few interesting discoveries down in her basement. My favorites were 2 huge wine jugs, filled with gun cleaning fluid (ha), this really cool old device (a something-scope) used for measuring electrical currents, and plenty of old decor.

The thing I found that I was most excited about, though, was this paint sprayer! Grandma didn’t have any use for it, so she sent us home with a new toy. Grandpa bought this in the early 90s, so hopefully all the parts are still in the box and the thing still works. If so, I see house painting in our near(er) future!

Wagner Front

Wagner Side Wagner Back

Our last find was pretty hilarious. Take a look at this box for an electric heater Grandma must have owned for at least 20 years. It’s Hot! It’s Cool!

It's Hot

Actually what’s cool is that chick’s outfit.  The sweatband.  The legwarmers.  Daaaang.

Anybody need a last-minute Halloween costume idea? 🙂

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