Family Photos

My mother-in-law Adele set up a family photo shoot at her home this year, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots.  I am so glad we got this whole side of the family together – I’m sure we’ll be looking back on these pictures for a long time to come.

Here we are – Stephen and me, his mom and step-dad, his sister and her family.  And more than half of us are looking at the camera!  Amazing!

Molly didn’t make it into any of the big group photos, but we got a few funny ones with her in them.  Trying to make her sit and face the camera…

Finally succeeding, though she doesn’t look very happy about it!

Here’s my favorite of the two of us.  Stephen is always making me laugh!

Now here’s a dog who knows how to take a picture!  My in-laws with their dog Sadie.

Here is Stephen’s sister and her family.  Aren’t those kiddos (wiggly and) adorable?

I think this is my favorite of them all.  A nice group shot!

Thanks for getting us all together for this photo shoot, Adele!

I hope you have enjoyed getting a little peek into my husband’s side of our family.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get some pictures like these every year.  It’ll be fun to watch the kids grow up (and have new babies added to the mix). 🙂

Stephen got a fancy camera for his birthday this year, so I’m thinking now we need to organize a photo with my side of the family!  I’ll be sure to share if we’re able to get a good one!  Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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