Exploring Flooring {in our bathroom}

A few of you noticed a lack of bathroom rugs when we showed you our finished master bath a couple weeks ago.

In all honesty, I had rugs picked out and purchased for this room, but when it came time to take photos, they made the room look so busy that I opted to leave them out.  It was tough to decide what color and kind of rugs we wanted in this space, but one thing I knew was that they would have to work with the rug in our master closet.

I considered white rugs but worried they’d get too dirty.  Then I thought about yellow and decided that yellow towels, a yellow shower curtain, AND yellow rugs might be a little overwhelming. With white and yellow pretty much ruled out, gray was our best bet.

I bought and returned several gray rugs, trying to find the right size and color, and finally ended up with some that I thought would work.  But now that our master bath is actually in use again, I’m not sure which rugs I should keep!  Here’s where you come in. I need some fresh eyes to take a look and help me decide which rugs look best (or if I need to start the search completely over again).

(1) At first, I thought all we’d need was a simple small bath mat for getting out of the shower. I found this fluffy gray mat at Bed Bath & Beyond.  The tag said $20, but we had a giftcard, so it was free to me.

(2) Then I stepped back and noticed the rest of the floor looked a little empty (a good thing or a bad thing?).  $8 at Walmart got me this small rug that matched the runner in our closet.  And bonus, we wouldn’t have to endure cold tile on our bare feet while standing at the sink.

(3) I liked the new rug in front of the sink, but I also tried in front of the tub.  It looked good there too, but would having a rug right up against the toilet get gross after awhile? (Being completely honest here!)

(4) I tried rotating the rug in front of the toilet to see if that would be any better.

(5) Then I wondered if I should forgo the smaller rugs altogether and just get another gray runner (for around $17), so I borrowed the one from our closet to try it out.

It looked great, but I wasn’t sure if it was long enough to function in our room.

(6) For my last scenario, I moved the small gray rug back in front of the sink.  Then I pretended the gray runner was another small gray rug and positioned it in front of the tub (like option 3).

Now here are my questions for you: Which option do you like the best?  Is there another arrangement you think would look better?  Or would you have gone with a completely different color or style of rug?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Thanks.

P.S. For those of you who read about our Yard Waste Drama yesterday, I’m happy to report that this is what I came home to at lunch today!  Looks like I won my little battle with the city.  Boo-yah! 🙂

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