Experiments in Furniture, Food, and Fashion

Large-scale projects have taken the back burner around here lately.  Between being busier with work, doctor’s appointments, and traveling, we’ve scaled back our to-do list this summer.  A lovely side-effect of not having a million projects going at once has been that our house stays clean and organized for infinitely longer than it used to.

Not one for sitting still, even when I don’t have a huge project going on, I’ve been doing a few DIY experiments lately in the 3 Fs: Furniture, Food, and Fashion!

Window Area Now

After our furniture-switcheroo yesterday, my pal Alaina suggested we move the high-backed chair that used to sit in the back corner of the living room to give our vintage rocker some company.  A little more chair scooting resulted in this!

Our Up Chairs

I didn’t know how the high versus low backs on those chairs would work out, but I think the fact they are similar in color and leg style helps them play well together.  Actually, when I sat back and looked at our little pair, I felt a twinge of sadness when I realized those chairs remind me a lot of the chairs in the movie UP!

Up Chairs

You know the ones I’m talking about, right? (via Google)

Up Chairs Big

Disney really used the chairs to tell a story in that movie, and boy did that story make me cry!  Way to make a grown lady sob, Disney!  Did anybody else burst into tears within the first 10 minutes of that movie?  NOT what I expected from a fun animated Disney film at all, but despite the tears Stephen and I both still loved it.

Moving on to the Food category, friends and family will tell you that I have a major sweet tooth.  I’ll take dessert over dinner any day.  In fact, the dessert menu is the first thing I look at when we go out to eat (although I’m usually too full by the time we’re done with dinner to order any).  Well, yesterday Liz from It’s Great to Be Home was pinning delicious-looking recipes all over Pinterest and I just couldn’t stand it any longer. It was time to bake some cookies!

I whipped up this recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies from Andrea at Charcoal and Crayons, and ours turned out great.  My favorite part is that they took only 3 ingredients: peanut butter, sugar, and an egg!

PB Cookies

Ok, last up is my little Fashion experiment.  You’ve gotta know that this is definitely NOT a beauty and fashion blog.  Even though we try to stick to house projects around here, when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest yesterday (via this YouTube video) for curly hair that required only an elastic headband, I had to try it out.

Here’s a shot of my hair all curled up and ready for bed last night.

Front Hair Before

I told Stephen to remind me of this hair-do the next time we have to dress up for a Toga Party (cause you know, that happens ALL the time)!

Side Hair Before

When I took my curls out this morning, and after a lot of fiddling, twisting, and spraying, this super-straight-haired girl looked like this!

Front Hair After

I think the project was mostly a success, but I’ve come to discover that my hair is straight for a reason.  Curls are fun but they’re so much work!

Side Hair After

So what do you think of my experiments?  Do you like our mis-matched chairs?  Anybody cry like a baby during UP! too?  Do you have hair woes to share?  Spill the beans!

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