Entryway Privacy

I’m back to share what I did with the rest of that gold ribbon I used for my Christmas wreath. ┬áActually, this isn’t what I did with “the rest” so much as what I did with 6 more feet of it. ­čÖé

Behold: Our Entryway.  Neutral, white trimmed, and NOT very private due to those 2 floor to ceiling windows at the other end.

Enter: 2 spring-loaded curtain rods, a pair of needle-nose pliers, 2 white curtains from Ikea, 2 staples, and 6 feet of gold ribbon.

I wanted to solve our privacy issue, no matter how temporary the solution.  From the depths of my craft closet, I pulled 2 Ikea curtains and 2 tension curtain rods.  The only issue was one of the curtain rods was too long.

I bet you can see where I’m going with this… I used my pliers to break off a piece of the curtain rod and bend the rod back into shape.

Then I just slipped the rubber end cap back on, ironed my curtains, and hung those babies up!

Here’s our newly private entryway.

I was pretty happy with the 15 minute result, but I decided I liked having the light and view during the day, so I devised a curtain tie-back.  This is where the gold ribbon comes in.

I put a staple in our window frame at about waist level.  I cut a 3 foot long piece of ribbon, folded it in half, and wired the midpoint to the staple using a bit of wire from the ribbon.

Here’s a closer look.

After that, all I had to do was gather the curtain and tie a bow around it to hold it in place.

I repeated for the other window, and here is the finished result.

There’s just something about tied-back curtains that makes a place feel “homey.” Don’t you think?

Here’s what I came home to at lunch today. ┬áHaving 2 pets anxiously awaiting your return will make your house feel homey, too. ­čÖé

I actually untied those bows to close the curtains tonight, but I’ve decided the next time I tie the bows, I’m going to cut the loop of ribbon off behind the bow and add velcro so I’m not tying and re-tying bows every day.

Haha.. For as FREE as this update was, why didn’t I do it 3 years ago?! ­čÖé

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for visiting and a special thanks to my new Google Followers!  Love you guys!

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