Easy Peppermint Bark Recipe

I may have said my favorite holiday dessert was pumpkin pie on that Christmas Q & A earlier this week, but my favorite holiday sweet has to be Peppermint Bark!  This time of year I just can’t get enough of the stuff, but believe it or not I’d never tried making it before last night.

Now that I know the secret easy recipe, no candy cane is safe!

Easy Peppermint Bark

All it takes are some white chocolate chips and a few candy canes – the same two ingredients mysteriously missing at the grocery store Stephen visited Tuesday night.  We picked some up last night and I found this recipe on AllRecipes.com here.

Easy Peppermint Bark

1 (12 ounce) package white chocolate chips
7 peppermint candy canes


Pour chocolate chips into a microwave-safe container and microwave for 1 minute at 70% power.  Stir and continue microwaving in 15-20 second intervals until the chips are completely melted.

Melting Chips

In the meantime, unwrap the candy canes and crush them with a rolling pin in a zip lock bag.  Pour the pieces into a colander over your white chocolate.  The smallest pieces of candy cane will fall into the chocolate and the larger ones will stay in the colander.

Smashed Canes

Mix the white chocolate and small bits of candy cane together and spread in a casserole dish lined with aluminum foil.  Pour the larger pieces of candy cane on top and press them slightly into the chocolate.


Let the peppermint bark cool until it has hardened.  This only took 45 minutes in the fridge for me!


Remove the aluminum foil from the dish, peel off the peppermint bark, and break it into serving-sized pieces.


Set the peppermint bark out on a pretty serving dish and watch it disappear!

Bark Done

Are you as addicted to this stuff as I am?  Do you prefer your peppermint bark with a layer of milk chocolate on the bottom?  I’ve seen it done that way before, but I think I like it this way the best!

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