Dreaming Of Art

Thanks to everybody who commented on our master bedroom update yesterday!  We’re loving the depth and drama the curtain panels have added to our headboard wall.

Night Right View

Several of you suggested we go ahead and center the bed on the wall since the window is now almost completely hidden.  I had thought the mirror above our headboard would be the issue here (since I definitely don’t want the mirror overlapping the window), but you’ve inspired me to take a closer look and actually get out the measuring tape on this one. We’ll see how it goes!

Curtains from Left

One thing I know for sure is that our new wall and window treatments have left a very obvious blank wall that need some attention.  See that empty strip of wall between my nightstand and our second window?  It’s just aching for something really cool to hang on it.

Wrinkled Panel

Since the other frames on this wall (above Stephen’s dresser) sport photographs, maybe a couple paintings or sketches will be the ticket for this strip of emptiness.

I do love the look of thin black frames, thick white mats, and black and white drawings like the art in our inspiration image.  They look great stacked like this.

If we went the with paintings or sketches, here are a few inspiration images I’ve found (via Pinterest, of course!).

Paintings or Sketches

But on the other hand, this might be a good place to introduce something more interesting and unique. If we wanted something with a bit more POP, here are a few different solutions.

Shadow Boxes for Colorful or Meaningful Items

Framed Music or Maps with Meaning


Typographic Art

Or a collage combination of it all!

What would you choose?

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