Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We got back from a trip to see my family yesterday afternoon, and I think my brain was feeling good from the extra hour of time-change sleep because I got right to work on a little project I’ve been wanting to do. Here’s a quick peek at the project in the works. It involved a LOT of sanding!

I was out on our front patio sanding until after dark and had finally decided to call it a night (4 hours with a palm sander is enough for one day!). I was just bringing the last pieces inside when I spotted a cat under my work table.  It was a gray and brown tabby and sprinted away when it saw me.  Before I could stop myself, I yelled “Tina!”  Our cat (Tina) has been known to sneak out the front door occasionally to explore our forest of a yard.

When it heard my voice it stopped running and turned back to look at me.  Something told me that it couldn’t possibly be our cat because she’d never run that fast, but this cat looked just like her!  Once Stephen and I had concluded that Tina was safe and sound inside the house, he went out to the yard to make friends with Tina’s doppelganger.

Then, because my sweet hubby likes it when our pets make new friends, he let Tina explore the yard a bit to see if she would like Other Cat.

Tina is generally slow moving and unobservant, so I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t really notice the other cat.  Other Cat just sat there and watched her sniff around the yard.

I must have still had Other Cat on the brain this morning when I walked into my living room and saw this.

For a split second I thought either Tina had escaped in the night and was sitting by the back door hoping to be let back inside OR Other Cat had returned and was prowling around trying to find a way in.  I ran over and pulled back the curtain!

In her sassiest of voices, Tina let me know she was very disappointed I had disturbed her sunbathing and she expected dinner to be served early tonight.  Gotta love that clueless cat!

I wonder if this is the last we’ll see of her doppelganger?

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