DIY Tassel Garland

Why is it that just when you’ve decided “not to spend money” Target releases a new line of ALL THE CUTE THINGS? I spotted this Threshold beauty at Target a few weeks ago, but we were in the middle of a “no spend” month, so I decided to see if I could make something similar using craft supplies I had on hand.

Threshold Tassel Garland

The garland I was trying to create consisted of a strand of wooden beads and about 25 colorful tassels. After some thought, I figured I could use embroidery thread for the tassels. I happened to have 8-9 different colors of embroidery thread (some skeins were partially used). From one full skein I made three tassels, first by wrapping the thread in three sections around a cardboard template, then by sliding one section off the cardboard and tying a short length of string around the top of the loops and another about 1/4 of the way down, and finally by cutting the bottom of the loops to create the bottom ends of the tassel.

Tassel Making Steps

Then, amazingly, I found beads. In a former life I spent a lot (a LOT) of time making beaded jewelry, and, lucky for me, if there’s one thing I hoard it’s craft supplies. And home decor. Two things I hoard. And baby girl clothes. Ok, three things I hoard. Geesh!

Anyway, I’m glad I just happened to have this strand of wooden beads already or I might have had to spend a little during our no spend month.

Beaded Strand and Tassels

If you went out and bought all these supplies, it would probably set you back more than the $12.99 you’d spend just to buy the thing (actually it’s even on sale right now!). Lucky for me, I had all of this in a box in the basement AND these craft supplies are now out and looking pretty instead of sitting in a box in the basement.

Tassel Garland

I hung the garland around this adorable print in Cece’s nursery. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we finished this room, and I still love it just as much!

Tassel Garland in Nursery

This room still looks about like it did when we revealed it last year. Here’s a link to the reveal if you want to check it out again. Thanks for visiting!

Changing Table + Shelves

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