Dining Room Update

Our dining room has slowly been evolving over the past year.  Back in January when we installed can lights, we shared a tour of our dining room, but a lot has changed since then. Remember these photos?


Map Wall Before

Dining View Before

Hutch Before Liquor Cart Before

These days our dining room is looking more like this.  I have a gallery wall of family photos in the works (which replaced our world travel map) on this side of the room.


Left Dining Corner Now

Over by our china cabinet, I switched out the previous decor for some more meaningful items, and of course you’ve already seen our new bar cart!

Hutch Wall

The two prints above our extra dining chair are a photograph I took two years ago of some gorgeous maple trees in our neighborhood and a colorful square print that was a wedding gift.  I moved my diploma from its previous spot in the living room to above the bar cart.

Chair and Photos Liquor Cart

When we started renovating and painting this room, we didn’t have a plan in mind to fill it with such warm colors.  I love cozy warm tones in dining rooms though, so it must have been a subconscious decision.  It worked out perfectly , because all the glassware that has been passed down or gifted to us happens to be amber or red!

Closeup Left Hutch

I hope to slowly fill the frames on our family photo wall with black & whites from our families across several generations.  So far we have baby photos of Stephen and me, my grandparents’ wedding photo, an engagement photo of ours, and a photo of my grandpa as a baby with his mother and her sisters.

Closeup Photo Corner

Overall I like how we’re bringing more of our history and personality into this room.  The updates didn’t cost much, but our dining room feels so much more homey now because everywhere we look we see something with meaning.  What do you think of the new additions?

Dining Room View

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