Craigslist Success in Our Yard

I’m pleased to announce another Craigslist success!  Yesterday, within minutes of Stephen posting our brush pile for pickup on Craigslist, he had several calls and emails from people willing to load it up and haul it off for 50 bucks.

My kind of night? One where a brush pile like this…

Vines Removed

Miraculously disappears while you eat dinner.

Brush Pile Removed

Now to assess the current state of our backyard, here’s a little panoramic tour.  Standing on our back deck, the previous brush pile area is the left side of our yard.  Then you have the back left corner, where we’ve already started clearing the tree line.

Vine-less Side of Yard

Don’t worry, we’re not cutting down anything else over there. We just love that our nice big trees have some breathing room now!

As you continue to turn and look straight off our back deck, you can see where we ran out of steam last weekend as we were clearing that tree line.

Looking Straight off our Deck

Continuing to turn to the right, it’s obvious we still have a long ways to go with the brush and brambles leftover from our metal fence removal.  I’m hoping that another day of work and 50 more bucks will take care of this mess.

Viney Side of Yard

Luckily the part of our privacy fence you can see from the house is already cleared.  It looks so much better now!

Right Corner of Yard

Here we’re looking directly at the right side of our yard.  You can start to see the corner of our house and deck in this photo.

Privacy Fence

Down the little back alley between our house and the privacy fence is the muddiest, weediest stretch of yard you’ve ever seen.  Hopefully if we get our gutters replaced, the grassy alley will dry up.  We’re actually thinking about putting down gravel along that strip and storing our canoe and trailer there, since it’s not visible from the road or our yard.

Looking Towards House

Now here’s a view I can’t believe I’m showing you!  Our lovely deck, 30 years old and falling apart.  Seriously, I can’t wear heels on this deck for fear of falling through!

Boy, do we have major plans for a new outdoor living space (as soon as the budget allows).  We’d love to rip out the deck and replace it with a synthetic one stretching along the entire back of the house.  We’d say buh-bye to the lattice and add modern railings only on the sides so we could actually enjoy the view of our backyard from our living room.

Old Deck at Back of House

The new deck may be a little ways off, but we’re still hoping to tackle several smaller yard projects this summer.  Do you have a backyard embarrassment like our deck to share?  I hope we’re not the only ones!

By the way, if outdoor posts aren’t your thing, you can catch an oldie-but-goodie Heardmont dining room tutorial at the NewlyWoodwards‘ blog, and be sure to check out our kitchen feature on Apartment Therapy!  Thanks to Kim and Jason for the write ups!

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