Craigslist Chairs Before

Happy Friday!  I wanted to show you another “before” photo of a couple of chairs I bought on Craigslist a few days ago.  I know I’ve been teasing you with lots of “before” shots and no “afters” lately, but our garage is almost full now, so I have no choice but to get to work and finish some of these projects!

(photo from Craigslist)

I picked up these two chairs for $15.  They’re sturdy and I thought they were a fun, funky shape.  I made sure the seat cushions would be easy to remove and recover before I bought them, and now I’m just waiting for the right fabric to come along and inspire me!

I’m also keeping an eye out for a little round table to pair them with.  I don’t think I’ll be keeping them once I’m done with them, and it might be easier to sell them with a table as a little kitchenette set.

With that, I’ll wish you a happy holiday weekend and I’ll catch ya on Monday!

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