Couch City

Happy Friday, friends!  Today was a big day for the Heards.  I successfully finished my first week back to school and Stephen had his last day at his old job.  What a great way to end the week!

In between studying and working, we’ve been doing a little furniture moving.  Here’s a place I like to call Couch City (formerly known as our living room) that we visited a few days ago.

Couch CityLots happening in this photo – a preview of our new bookshelves, evidence that I really am working on math-y stuff, and couches getting moved from one room to another (and possibly back again).  I know it’s not our typical “look at this pretty thing we made” post, but this is sometimes how our real life looks. 🙂

Here’s to a relaxing weekend, spending time with friends, and great things in the week to come!  Happy Friday and thanks for reading.

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