Console Table Crisis

Ok, so I only titled this post Console Table Crisis because Console Table Dilemma didn’t sound as good, but if I’m being honest it’s probably not really a CRISIS. ūüėõ

Anyway, remember a couple weeks ago when we were trying to find a new console table for our entryway?

Entryway Empty

Well now I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. ¬†Happy because I think I’ve found the perfect table, but sad because of course it would have to be 6 hours away in Dallas (at the nearest Ikea). ¬†Boo!

Want to see the piece we’ve been drooling over?

malm dressing table

It’s the simple, white, clean-lined¬†Malm Dressing Table, and amazingly it fits all our criteria. (1) Leggy (2) Light-colored (3) Less than 18″ deep (4) Concealed storage (5) Not super expensive.

I spotted the piece on the new-to-me blog Our House the other day (highly recommended read, by the way) and loved the way it looked in a real life setting.

Simple and unassuming, but classy and it gets the job done!

Now the dilemma becomes whether we’ll actually be able to get it. ¬†A trip to Dallas is not in our future, so we’ll have to get more creative. ¬†Seriously Ikea, you just need to open a store in Northwest Arkansas. ¬†Actually, I’m not picky. ¬†Little Rock, Springfield, Tulsa or Kansas City would work too!

The most frustrating part of this story is that we have a friend who was recently able to call the Dallas Ikea store and have them ship an item from the store to him (he lives in Northwest AR too) via FedEx or UPS at a reasonable rate.  When I called the Dallas store to get a shipping quote for the exact same scenario, they told me that they do not ship directly from the store to customers and that I would have to go through the catalog orders department.

Not a good sign – I’ve tried getting medium-sized pieces of furniture this way in the past and the shipping quote has been in the $300+ range. ¬†After 30 minutes on hold with the catalog department, I hung up.

I’ll try again another time, but I want to ask – have you successfully ordered something from Ikea and paid a reasonable amount for shipping? ¬†And why doesn’t Ikea sell things online like any other big box store? ¬†And mostly, what do you think of the console table – do you think it will look good in our entryway if we can ever get our hands on it?!

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