Closet Storage Deals

Colds, allergies, and migraines hit us hard at Heardmont yesterday, so any DIY-ing we did was of the sitting-on-the-couch kind.  I did manage to de-winterize the look of our blog a bit though, so if you’re reading this in a reader, click on through to see the changes!

I made our new header using the collage feature in Picnik, and it was really easy and fun (and free – the best part).  If you’d like to make one for your blog and have any questions, let me know!

I have also started to organize the master closet bit by bit, and today I wanted to show you two of our new storage solutions.  Remember this photo?

All our new boxes and trays came from Hobby Lobby.  The smaller tray was on sale for $7.49, and I love the contrasting stitching and black and white houndstooth pattern!

Since our master bath and master closet are only a doorway apart, this tray will be used in the top of our closet to hold toilet paper!  Weird? Maybe. Cute? Definitely!

This next item is probably my favorite find for our closet so far.  I’m using this $9.99 damask print hat box to store purses and travel bags.

Just wait till you see how it looks in front of those new stripes!

Thanks for bearing with me as I sniffle my way through this week.  🙂 Hope to see you again tomorrow (and if the UPS guy shows up, to share another addition to our closet/ bath).  See you then!

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