Cara’s House: Dining Room Update

Remember this summer when I helped my friend Cara install picture frame moulding in her dining room?  The room originally looked like this:

Dining Long Wall

But the last time you saw the place, it was looking something like this:

Dining Walls Green

Cara’s been hard at work in this room since the last update.  After lots of caulking, painting, a trip to Dallas and a few clicks on Overstock, here’s Cara’s dining room now!

Dining Room Now

Isn’t her new furniture beautiful?  The table is from Ikea and the chairs were found on Overstock.  I love how well the furniture fills the room.

Behind the table and chairs you can see how pretty the moulding turned out after a few coats of paint.  Aside from needing wall art, the only thing Cara wasn’t really digging about this room was the puny chandelier.  It was the right color, just not the right size or style for this space.

Moulding Done Old Chandelier

So this is the part where we broke our streak of a “girls only room makeover” and asked Stephen to help us take down the old chandelier and replace it with something better.

With the power off, Stephen got to work taking down the light fixture.  He needed somebody to hold it up so it didn’t put stress on the wiring so our friend Casey and I took turns at the job.

Removing Old Chandelier Removing Old Chandelier2

Cara was the designated flashlight-holder. 🙂

Flashlight Girl

You’re probably curious about what she found to replace the old light fixture.  Several months ago, we found a white chandelier with dingy shades at a local flea market for $20-$30.  The original shades had to go, so we found replacements and Cara covered them in this super fun floral fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Covering Shades

Here’s a quick phone picture preview of the chandelier with the new shades on it.  It was looking great, but all along Cara had decided to paint this baby black.

Chandy with New Shades

I have to say I agree with her decision!  That’s one sexy chandelier!

Painted Chandy

This chandelier was much bigger and heavier than the original one and it took two girls to hold it up while Stephen installed it.

Holding New Chandelier

Once the chandelier was safely hung, Stephen turned the breaker back on and we tested it out.  It was a success and a definite improvement!

What do you think?

New Chandelier

Of course all this happened the night before Cara’s Halloween party, so the chandelier didn’t stay bare for long.  The dining room was one of my favorite spaces we decorated, with black fringe hanging from the chandelier and glowing orange lights on the table.

Cara's Dining Room Halloween

So what do you think of Cara’s dining room now?  Doesn’t that white moulding and new furniture make a huge difference?  Are you loving her fun and funky new chandelier?

Thanks for reading!

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