Birthday Celebrations

Happy Friday everybody!  No Friday Five today – instead I have to take a minute to brag on my sweet husband.  You might have noticed we were MIA yesterday.  We’ve both been so busy with work lately, and after a 12 hour day and about 300 miles of driving I was worn out when I got home last night.  My birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but Stephen took one look at me and decided to give me my presents 2 days early!

Want to see what I got?  A coffee grinder and a set of white wine glasses (I owned a grand total of ONE white wine glass before last night)…

Coffee Grinder New Wine Glasses

… and a Bota Box of Riesling.  I could have sworn that box was a stack of books and I laughed so hard when I opened it!

Bota Boxes

Stephen’s the master of surprise, so when I thought I was done opening gifts he ran to the bedroom and brought out a huge basket of wine wrapped in tissue paper.  I hardly ever try new wines.  I usually just stick with what I like, but now I have 8 new kinds to try! Yay!

Birthday Wine

It looked like there were about 15 bottles in that basket, but after I opened them all up I discovered 6 of them were cans of spray paint!  Hilarious.  Does he know me well or what?

Spray Paint

I’d say 26 is off to a good early start.  Thanks Stephen – you sure know how to cheer a girl up! 🙂

P.S. Just to clarify I’m not a wine-o.  All that wine will probably last me a whole year, but I’m looking forward to testing it all out!  

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