Biker Chick

That old Peugeot that Stephen converted into a fixed-gear bike?  Yeah, that used to be mine.  Luckily I recently upgraded from my mom’s trusty old blue steed, born in 1981 (that’s older than I am, people!), to a brand spankin’ new Kona Dew.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what 20 and a half inches of white street-shredding bike looks like.  Muah-haha!

Let me… just… get on… the thing…


And I’ll be on my way!


Stephen was over the moon when we went to pick out my new bike and even more beside himself when I consented to my first ever group road bike ride last Sunday.

Now I have to say I’ve always thought the full spandex cycling look was just a little more hardcore than I’d ever be.  But after the first hour-long trial run around town with the mister, I definitely saw the light.  Those tight shorts aren’t just for showing off your cleanly-shaven legs.  They actually have a thick gel pad in the rump that acts as a swear-word repellent!  You wouldn’t believe it.  Several days of sore buns after my Kona’s maiden voyage found me gearing up for my first real road ride looking like this…


Stephen was oh so proud.  I have to say the first road ride experience was (mostly) a good one.  I was shocked at how fun riding a bike can be when 1) the bike is your size, 2) it actually shifts into the right gears, and 3) you’re riding with people who are slow.  (It was a beginner ride, so I’m allowed to say that.)

I think we might make this Sunday ride a routine thing!  The only reason I say the ride was mostly good is that I kinda sorta ran into two people about 5 minutes from the end of the ride… Yeah, we’re gonna try not to do THAT next time.

Maybe next time too I can wear my own clothes and not look like Stephen’s Mini Me. hehe.


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