Bathroom Lighting Sneak Peek

I know you’re all waiting on the edge of your seats to see how our bathroom vanity turned out (or.. maybe that’s just me).  Unfortunately lots of boring stuff (like priming, painting, polyurethaning, etc) has to happen before the reveal, so in the meantime here’s a peek at the new lighting we installed last night!

Look familiar?  It should!  We went with the Eden Pendant for our main ceiling fixture to match the one we just installed in our walk-in closet.

And for the vanity area…

This $29.99 hard-to-photograph looker from Home Depot.  Can you believe we chose this one over all the $100 options because we liked its look the best?  I love it!

What do you think of our choices?  Have you redone a bathroom and fallen in LOVE with the lighting you chose?  Or maybe your bathrooms are suffering from 80s Hollywood-style lighting like our guest bath currently is…  Either way, I’d love to hear! 🙂

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