Baby Got Back

Thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes last week! ¬†We had a great weekend – went out with friends, spent time outside, and caught up on lots of sleep. ūüôā ¬†Here are a couple shots from the rooftop patio on Dickson Street where my sweet friends and I celebrated my birthday. ¬†It was a blast!

Girls Birthday 2011

M + S Birthday 2011

After the celebrating this weekend, Stephen and I still found some time to work on a couple projects around the house. Something that has been on my to-do list for a long time was addressing the end table situation in this corner of our living room.  You see, from inside everything looked great, but that end table was hiding a sneaky secret.

Our Up Chairs

When I refinished that end table, I completely neglected the back, assuming it would always be up against a wall and nobody would ever see it.

Wrong! ¬†Of course when we rearranged our living room, I had to place it perfectly in front of the window to our backyard. ¬†Every time we were outside with the drapes open, we’d see the tacky half-painted back of this end table and cringe.

Nightstand Showing

See what I mean? ¬†There was still blue paint around the edges (leftover from its former painted days) and a big ol’ number stamped across the back.

Zoom In Back

So yesterday afternoon, I took out the drawers, threw a drop cloth over our living room carpet, and got to work.

Nightstand Unpainted

The goal was to cover up all that mess and have a nice clean back to look at from outside the window.

Zoom In Nightstand Back

I decided a quick coat of dark paint was the way to go, so we dug through our paint stash and found this quart of glossy paint in “Java Bean.” Anything brown worked for me, so this was the winning color!

Brown Paint

I used a big paintbrush to apply 2 coats to the back and a smaller one to make sure all the edges were nicely covered.

Painting Back

Here’s a look at the new and improved view from behind once the paint had dried.

Nightstand Painted

Of course the true test was putting the end table back in place. ¬†I’m happy to report that things from the outside of this window now look as seamless as they do from the inside!

Nightstand Painted

After I’d used that dark brown paint, I was a bit unsure that the two colors of brown (the stained wood and Java Bean paint) would look good together. ¬†A happy coincidence was that you can’t even see the legs of the piece from outside, so visitors only see a dark brown furniture piece from the back yard.

Window Area Done

Not a bad way to improve a view for free, right?

Painted Up Close

I’ve always been a white-lined drapes kind of girl. ¬†I think they help make a home look cohesive from outside without sacrificing style inside. ¬†However, until now I’d never thought about how our furniture would look with the drapes open! ¬†Taking the time to paint the back of this piece was totally worth the seamless look we achieved. ¬†Now we don’t have to worry about keeping those drapes shut when friends hang out in our backyard!

Do you keep in mind the view from outside when choosing curtains or deciding what to place in front of your windows?  Do you like the outside of your windows to match?  Thanks for reading!

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