August Punch List Review

Well y’all, another month is coming to a close.  Can you believe September’s almost here?!

We’re doing our best to keep up with the Heardmont Punch List we shared just about a month ago, and today’s the day to see how far we’ve come.  Let’s review, shall we? I’ll just include the rooms on our list that got attention – items in red are tasks we accomplished this month.

A – Add missing outlet cover
A – Clean & paint air return grille
A – Replace string for attic stairs with handle
A – Clean attic fan
A – Paint doorknobs
A – Paint doors & trim (STILL working on it)
D – Replace flooring
D – Add white baseboards

Long View Hall Photos

Guest Room
A – Add missing outlet covers
A – Scrape popcorn ceiling
B – Fix leaky window
B – Replace door
B – Replace HVAC register
C – Replace ceiling fan
D – Replace flooring
D – Add white baseboards


Guest Bath
A – Paint doorknob
A – Finish painting vanity
A – Paint door & trim (working on it)
A – Scrape popcorn ceilings
A – Paint walls
A – Replace white baseboards
B – Replace faucet
B – Replace light fixture
B – Replace HVAC register
C – Replace counter top & sink
C – Fix exhaust fan

Gray Walls Gray Walls Entry

The guest bathroom was definitely our top priority this month.  Scraping that popcorn ceiling, installing and caulking the new baseboards, and giving almost everything a new coat of paint took lots of time.  We still have the vanity area to address, but we’re getting there!

We’re also still working on putting the last coat of paint on all the door frames and trim in the rest of the house.  Once we’re done, we’ll be ordering new doorknobs from, a site recommended by a fellow blogger.  After pricing doorknobs at local big box stores, we thought our only option was to paint our old knobs or shell out hundreds of dollars for new matching knobs.  Luckily we came across this site and discovered we could get new doorknobs for all the doors in our house for just over $100!

Ah, the power of the internet.

Has anybody else started a home project Punch List in the past month that you’d like to share?  Any successes using to replace old doorknobs?  We’re happy we’ve finished a few projects and stuck to such a small budget this month.  Look for another update in September with more “A” and “B” items crossed off our punch list!

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