Art-Inspired Bedroom Update

This time of year never fails to get me itching for change.  The most recent change we tackled around the house was to lighten up our bedroom in time for the new year.

Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely a fan of the wall of curtains behind our bed, but our room was feeling a little too dark and cave-like of late.

Curtains from Left

So, one weekend, I took down the gray curtains, patched about a hundred holes from the old hardware, and hung up new gold panels (that used to live in our living room).

Master Bedroom

We also installed those white wood blinds, making this room one of the few in the house to sport blinds AND curtains.  We’re living the high life now, baby! 😉

Master Bed Front

Those teal lamps get rotated throughout our house.  They’ve been in the living room, the guest bedroom, and even in our room once or twice before.  I like having a little color in an otherwise neutral room.


The art on that nightstand was a Christmas gift I found for Stephen on Etsy.  It says “Home is wherever I’m with you.”  Aww!

You’re probably looking at these pictures thinking, “when is she going to talk about the OTHER art?!”  That, friends, is one of my favorite Christmas presents – a Michelle Armas print called “That Bowtie I Like” from my MIL.  It was really the inspiration for lots of the color choices we made (the lamps, throw pillow, and curtains). I could just lay in bed staring at it for days!  LOVE!

Bed from Side

So that’s what’s been going on in the new year at our place.  A spiffed up master bedroom that’s happy and bright in time for spring.  What have you been working on in the new year?

P.S. If you’re curious about the sources for anything in our room, just ask in the comments!

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