An Announcement…

Hi Friends!

Oh my, I miss y’all.  Stephen and I have been busy these past few months but not so much with house projects.  School’s back in session, Stephen’s crazy busy at work, and we’re making big plans for big changes in the next year or so.

Speaking of changes, our favorite change lately (possibly ever) has been this:

Heard Baby Announcement

Yes, that photo is saying pretty much exactly what you think it is (and if you haven’t caught snippets of my hubby’s sense of humor on the blog before, that’s 100% Stephen right there)!

We are incredibly happy and feeling so, so blessed to be expecting a baby in February 2014!  I’m just about 15 weeks along, and, thank the Lord, not feeling nauseous all day every day anymore.  We’ve been taking photos every 2 weeks since just after we found out (around the 4th of July).

Here’s how things are looking so far… and, yes, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m already showing!

First Four Weeks

14 weeks

So thanks for sticking around (if you’re reading this), and I’ll do my best to keep the updates coming.  We started swapping bedrooms this weekend, so someday soon I may have nursery progress to share, too!

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