Adventures in Almost-House Buying: Part 3: Our Almost-Bedrooms

The bedrooms and closets in our Almost-House were significantly smaller than our current rooms, but we were excited about the opportunity to pare down our belongings and make these two rooms cozy.

(These are the front two bedrooms of the original house. The large den at the back was a late-70s addition that technically counted as the third bedroom.)

Right LR Wall
{living room wall to the right of the entryway}

Doorway to Hall
{the doorway to the hall with nursery, water heater, full bath, and master bedroom}

{the nursery at the end of the hall}

Nursery Closet
{looking back towards the hallway from the nursery}

Our plan for the nursery was easy because we just finished decorating one! After tearing out the cheap paneling and re-drywalling, we’d basically reproduce Libby’s room, adjusting the layout as necessary.

Nursery Left Side

Nursery Right Side

Reading Corner

The master bedroom was a different story. Since most of our current bedroom furniture is bulky and dark, we saw this as an opportunity to ditch our bedroom suite and start fresh.

Master Bedroom
{the master bedroom at the front of the house}

Master Bedroom Closet
{looking back towards the hallway from the master bedroom}

The plan for this room started with the gray velvet upholstered bed, white walls and white bedding. Our bed would sit in front of the window on the left side of the room, so I’d be on the hunt for a fun curtain fabric to use as color scheme inspiration. This moodboard is more of a dream moodboard than something we’d make a reality (we don’t own anything in this image), but it was fun to play around with completely new furniture, accessories and colors.

Almost-Bedroom Plan

Bed: Target
Nightstands: Zinc Door (pricey!)
Lamps: 1stDibs (inspiration)
Dresser: Crate & Barrel
Fabric: Bloomingdales (inspired by a shower curtain)
Pendant: West Elm
Art: YellowBrickHome and The Animal Print Shop

Cute, fun, and a taste of spring! Exactly what we need in the middle of this never-ending winter. What do you think?

Next time: Part 4: Our Almost-Kitchen and Dining Room

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