Adding an Address: Updated for Fall

As promised, we’re kicking off the week with our first fall project of the season, but first I wanted to share a couple photos I snapped this weekend.

View from BRT

Buffalo River Valley

Stephen, our friend Robby, and I spent all day Saturday and Sunday backpacking on the Buffalo River Trail.  We hiked a total of 16 miles over two days and camped at the river Saturday night.  The weather was beautiful and the trail was fun but oh-my-goodness – SO HILLY.  Friends, I have never been this sore!

Luckily we were able to take it easy yesterday evening and I’d already completed the project I’m sharing with you today, so let’s get to it!

Over a year ago, I showed you a fun way we added house numbers to the end of our driveway to help friends and FedEx drivers find our house.  I spray painted some flower pots yellow, added vinyl house number stickers, and added some springy purple flowers.

Pots Before

Over time, the paint started chipping and the plants died, and we brought the pots into the garage when they started looking really rough.

Dingy Yellow Pots

A few days ago I got the urge to clean these pots up, so I scraped off the chipping paint, wiped them down, and gave them a couple coats of white spray paint (one of my birthday cans!).

White Pots

Instead of buying new house number stickers, I realized I could paint over the stickers with black craft paint.

Black Paint

All I had to do was stay within the lines to get sharp, professional-looking house numbers once again.

Painting 1

It took about 30 minutes to paint all the numbers, and once they were dry, I gave them all a quick spray with a clear coat of paint to keep the craft paint safe from the elements.

Painted Numbers

Next it was time to add a little life to these black and white pots!  My absolute favorite kind of flower this time of year is mums.  I picked up four beautiful orangey-red mums for a total of $10, filled the bottom of the pots with some soil, and dropped the plants in.

Potting Mums

Then all I had to do was carry the pots up to their original home at the end of our driveway, and I was done!  Amazing what a little time and some inexpensive plants can do for your curb appeal, huh?

Flower Pots in front of house

Fall Flower Pots

I’m so happy that we didn’t have to toss these flower pots when they started getting dingy.  All they needed was some love and paint and now they’re perfectly ready to carry us into fall.

What do you think of our revamped house numbers?  Thanks again to The DIY Showoff for the original inspiration for this project!

The DIY Show Off

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