A Shocking Revelation

I’ve never been to Ikea.  I know, I know, what rock have I been hiding under?

I’ve been browsing Ikea’s site and baulking at their shipping costs, and I’ve decided it might be time to plan a trip to our nearest store – 6 hours away.  You think I could talk the mister into going this weekend? (Haha, just kidding honey… mostly…)

When we do finally make the trip, here are a few things I’d like to see on our shopping list.

For the kitchen:  This island, and a new faucet.

Braumeister Stephen might find something he could use too.

For the bedroom: A grown-up full length mirror and a cozy rug or two.

For my craft room: A set of wall organizers.

For our master bathroom:  A new countertop, faucets, and maybe a couple sinks.  (Side Note: Can you believe shipping to AR on this $39 countertop is over $300?!)

For the living room: I’d love to find some fabric for new drapes I’m planning.

Or maybe I’d break all the rules and go pre-made.

And what’s a trip to Ikea without stocking up on frames?

Do you have any experience with these products at home?  Anybody in Arkansas want to take a road trip/ Anybody in Dallas need a few house guests?

While I’m off dreaming of the shopper’s paradise that is Ikea, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  And don’t rub it in too much if you have the privilege of “popping in” to Ikea this weekend without me! 🙂

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