New Floors: A Nasty Surprise

Thanks to all who wished us well on our crazy Friday last week!  Things worked out for the most part – I survived my Advanced Calculus exam, Stephen recruited our friend Casey to help him move furniture in preparation for Heardmont Flooring Week 2012, and we were ready for the installers bright and early yesterday morning.

We weren’t quite prepared, however, for the flooring surprise in our kitchen over the weekend.  We knew the new wood floors would be glued directly to the concrete slab, so Stephen tore out the old laminate wood floors in our dining room and kitchen prior to installation.  The dining room went fine…

Dining Floor Removal

And then I heard, “M, it’s worse than you could ever possibly imagine.”

Underneath the laminate in our kitchen, we found a layer of 80s brown linoleum.  Not only was the pattern and color hideous, but that stuff was GLUED TO THE CONCRETE!!

Kitch Floor Discovery

Stephen spent most of the day Saturday scraping off the top layer of linoleum and the glue layer beneath while I painted our new baseboards (so they’d be ready for installation).  It took both of us all day Sunday to finish the job.

Linoleum Removal

Maybe we’ll share a linoleum removal tutorial someday… after we’ve gotten over the trauma!

In other news, the floors are looking great so far!  Updates to come… 🙂

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