A Master Bed Makeover

Our master bath is still very much under construction, but I took a few minutes this week to spruce up our bedroom. It’s amazing how much better we feel, living in a construction zone, with fresh linens and pretty nightstands.

Master Bed | Welcome to Heardmont

I wrote about our DIY headboard here and painting the walls here.

I brought up a photo from our wedding for Stephen’s nightstand. It’s hard to believe we’ll be celebrating 9 years this November! We installed the sconces from IKEA awhile back after a quick coat of gold spray paint.

Master Bedroom L Nightstand Angled | Welcome to Heardmont

The nightstand is a new addition to the room. I came across it at an antique mall a few months ago for NINE DOLLARS! I couldn’t believe the price, but you’d better believe I hauled that bad boy up to the register and paid before anyone could question it.

Master Bedroom L Nightstand | Welcome to Heardmont

The tassel throw at the end of the bed was a Mother’s Day gift to myself. It really inspired the color scheme of the bed with the aqua sheets and blue floral accent pillows.

Master Bed Angled | Welcome to Heardmont

One thing I love about both nightstands? They have drawers! It is so much easier to keep the top surface clean when there’s a drawer for all those nighttime odds and ends.

Master Bedroom R Nightstand | Welcome to Heardmont

About six months ago, I finally admitted it was time to get glasses for nighttime reading and TV watching. I absolutely love these I found online at Warby Parker (not an ad).

Master Bedroom R Top Nightstand | Welcome to Heardmont

I write in that little blue book every night. It’s a Line A Day journal and is an amazing way to record the day’s highlights, funny things the girls said, and milestones without feeling obligated to write for an hour every night. I highly recommend this little book to other moms who want to record memories but don’t think they have time to keep a journal!

Master Bedroom R Nightstand Closeup | Welcome to Heardmont

So that’s a little tour of our spruced-up bed area. Having nightstands with storage has really made this area more functional, and it doesn’t hurt to have pretty new linens to snuggle.

Master Bed Angled | Welcome to Heardmont

Before you go, do you want to see a before photo? You know you do!

Here’s what this room looked like when we bought our house!

Master Bedroom Before | Welcome to Heardmont

What do you think of our updates? 😉

Master Bedroom B&A | Welcome to Heardmont

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