Hi. We’re Meredith and Stephen Heard and this is our blog.  We’re both twenty-somethings, and up until recently we were both engineers.  Now I’m back in school on the long road to becoming a college professor.  I’m a home decor, architecture, photography, and crafting nut and Stephen’s passions are playing his bass guitar, song writing, and riding bikes with his cycling team.  We love this little house we’re making into a home and are having a blast renovating it as we go.

Lake Fayetteville

So what is “Heardmont” anyway?  Long story short, Stephen’s great great great uncle (also named Stephen Heard) was the 8th governor of Georgia.  He named his sprawling estate Heardmont after himself so everybody would remember him.  Before we even bought our first place, we jokingly named it Heardmont because we thought the name was ironic for our little “estate.”  Needless to say, the name stuck.  So, without further ado, Welcome to Heardmont!