New Pillows and Old Chairs

After my c-section, we had to get a little creative with our furniture so I could hold Libby and still support myself when sitting. On the couch, we added a couple of Euro pillows which have made it much easier to prop myself up straight and do all the necessary baby things. Like nursing. And cuddling. And burping. And did I mention cuddling?

I had these 25″ pillow forms from Ikea stored away in a closet. We used just the bare forms for a few weeks before I decided to stop playing with fire (aka baby spit-up) and sew some covers for them. The green stripe fabric is from Ikea – it had a former life as a table runner in our kitchen. I didn’t have enough for both sides of the pillows, so the backs are made from a tan drop cloth.

Green Stripe Pillows

I sewed these envelope-style pillow covers in an afternoon with the same method I used in this tutorial. I’m happy with how they turned out – the green and white stripe is so very springy!

Green Stripe Pillow

I also wanted to share one other recent change to our living room. My mom is in the process of downsizing and passed along these awesome midcentury chairs to us. They were originally my grandparents’ and I think it’s neat that they’ve been in three generations’ homes so far.

Gma Chairs

Maybe Libby will want them one day!

Midcentury Chair

Have you made any spring updates lately?

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4 Responses to New Pillows and Old Chairs

  1. Love the green and white. Such a springy look!

    Happy cuddling!

  2. Angeline says:

    The pillows are so cheerful and (gah!) the chairs are amazing! Congratulations on little Libby’s arrival, too!

  3. Jenny B. says:

    Spit-up is potent stuff! I found that the Dreft fabric spray worked pretty well if I got to it right away. 🙂 Love the stripe pillows! I had a specific stack of throw pillows that had to be just-so every time I fed our boys. One euro pillow probably would have worked great, and wouldn’t have required any stacking. 😉

  4. Jenny B. says:

    Oops! Not Dreft spray, it was called Totally Toddler. That stuff works! 🙂

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